FrankI’m Frank Thompson. Thank you for visiting my blog. I began psychic reading when I was thirteen years old. My love for metaphysics has been since my teenage years. I was always attracted to the other worldly and the unknown. I felt a strong connection to Astrology.

I have graduated in psychology before starting to practice psychic reading. I have written for magazines and appeared in a number of radio and TV shows. Besides being a psychic reader, I’m also a psychological counselor. I apply my knowledge on psychology to my psychic readings. This allows the clients to get a much deeper understanding about themselves and the people around them.

In this blog you will receive accurate personal psychic readings from an expert psychic reader. You will receive insights and advice on relationships, friendships, finances, career, etc. I have many experiences with critical life events like spousal abuse, financial stress, single parenthood, divorce, child abuse, and many more. I can help you overcome difficult situations of this kind.


This blog contains many useful resources which will help you to better understand this field of psychic reading. So, keep on reading!

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