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Do demons really exist? The answer may surprise you!


Majority of the Americans believe that demons exist and they are active in the world. To many these nonphysical beings may seem delusional, but some scholars are giving serious thought into it. Demons exist is most of the world’s religion. Whereas, according to science only something that is physical is real.

The Bible

According to Bible, demons exist. There are 52 references of demons in the New Testament. They influence the destinies of individuals. The authors of the Old Testament believed demons existed.

It was acknowledged by Jesus that demons do exist. Jesus sent seventy disciples. One of the main reasons behind this was to get rid of demons. The Gospels are aware of the spiritual disagreement between the Lord and the evil forces. The Apostle Paul also acknowledged the existence of demons.

The Skeptics

The skeptics, though, think otherwise. They have been come up with lots of theories trying to explain that these are not real. But, I, as a believer recognize the existence of demons. I have come across many unnatural consequences which made my beliefs stronger. I believe both angels and demons exist. Angels guide us in the good path and demons guide us through the bad path. Not only Christianity, most religious books on earth have references to demons. There is an external force that influences us to do the bad stuffs we do.

No solid scientific evidence has yet been found on the non existence of demons. So, like many people, I hold my stance in supporting the existence of demons.