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5 myths about psychic readers – #2 should be very obvious


If you are not familiar with the functions of psychics, you will have some common misconceptions about them. Here are some myths about psychic readers:

#1 Psychics can read your mind

Psychics cannot read your mind. They know how you feel. When you are angry, stressed, depressed, happy or anxious, a signal is sent which psychics can read. Using clairvoyance psychics can also tell why you are feeling such way. Psychics have access to your spirit guides. So, they can tell which job you are in, whether you are in an abusive relationship, etc.

#2 Psychics can predict the futurebeautiful woman looks to the future

You are free to choose your path, so psychics cannot tell your future. With the help of spirit guides psychics can know your current condition and can tell where you are heading. They can tell you what’s going to be ahead, but they can’t make you choose the path; that’s your free will.

#3 Psychics can curse or remove curses

Curses are simply bad wishes. Psychics don’t have the power to exert or remove curse. But many psychics take money from clients by saying that they can do it. You should stay away from these psychics and never give money when they say that they will be able to remove your curse.

#4 Psychics are psychics all the time

Psychics can understand what other people are going through. They can communicate with their spirit guides. But when the client is gone, there is no need to communicate with the spirit guides anymore and the psychics can get back to normal lives.

PSYCHIC-cali#5 Psychics are simply good cold readers

Cold readers are those who can tell facts about another person by reading their body languages, or tricking them to reveal their own information and later taking credit for it. Psychics are not cold readers.

These myths have been around for edges. Now that you know, you shouldn’t have any misconception regarding the ability of a psychic.