Psychic Readings With Automatic Writing

tarot cardsAccurate psychic readings appear in a variety of forms. Automatic writing is one such form. It’s a writing technique that is carried out in a trance-like state, or without the writer being aware. It can be compared to speaking in tongues, which takes place in certain religious practices, although, instead of speaking random words, the person is writing automatically. There are moments, though, when the writer is aware of his or her surroundings, except the act of writing being done by his, or her hand. Because the person is said to be controlled by a power greater than his own, it is believed that authentic, and accurate psychic readings can be received through automatic writing.

Two Methods For Automatic Writing

  1. Therapy – Automatic writing is a tool in Psychology, hypothesized by Freud, as a person looks deeper into his being. By getting accurate psychic readings in this manner, the one writing is granted a deeper insight about his own self, his thoughts, his feelings, and even his most coveted secrets.
  2. 2. Religion – The New Age Movement used both automatic writing, and speaking in tongues as ways to receive accurate psychic readings from the beyond. A psychic by the name of Helene Smith became popular in the 20th century, for claiming that her automatic writings were messages being sent by Martians. She even announced that she can translate these Martian messages into her own French language.

There are people, mostly skeptics, who never really believed in such things. They see it as another way of deceiving people through seemingly impossible acts, in order to gain fame and fortune. They continued to wonder how accurate psychic readings can come from automatic writing when a person’s subconscious can be induced.

Skeptics surmise that whatever is produced during automatic writing couldn’t be more meaningful than those written while being conscious of it. But then, skeptics didn’t have any luck with automatic writing. They never even tried it.

But still, there are those gifted people who understand the power of automatic writing, and they’ve been looking for accurate psychic readings, to discover more information about life’s past, present, and future. It is also a means of getting confirmation of a message from a deceased person. Answers can be very dumbfounding. Be sure to ready yourself and always have an open mind.

How to Do Automatic Writing

Automatic writing can be done with a piece of pen and paper, or with the use of a computer. It doesn’t matter whether what you’re typing, or writing, is legible, or if it make any sense. Even typo errors can convey some kind of messages. You may also draw images instead of writing words. This is okay. Know that whatever form of writing that comes out from this activity is a message from the beyond. If it’s an accurate psychic reading, though, only you will be able to judge that.

So you can go ahead and try this endeavor. But if it’s automatic answers that you want, the most accurate psychic readings you will get will be through the help of a Psychic Medium. Simply contacting one, and opening yourself up to the possibility of being able to talk to your own Spirit Guides, rather than the entities that just want to mess with you, is better, and can guarantee faster, and authentic results. This is because Psychic Mediums don’t need to wait to be put into a trance to be able to receive messages from the dead, they can see, and talk to ghosts and spirits all the time.

5 signs indicating that your deceased loved ones are near you


For us it will be comfortable to know that the spirits of our loved ones are with us even after they have passed away. These five signs indicate that the deceased loved ones are near you:



You may get visions of spirits. There can be many types of visions. One is full-on vision where you actually see the whole person. Another is photographs; you can see them in photographs. If you feel that your loved ones are near, try to be in a relaxed state so that you can feel their energy.

Invisible touch


Have you ever felt a gentle touch on your back or head and when you turned around no one was there? This is another sign that your loved ones are near you. Many people feel comforted by this touch because it makes them feel that they are nearby.



Smells are also a sign that our loved ones are near us. It’s usually something related to the person; for example, the person’s favorite perfume or flower, favorite food, cigarette, etc. You might smell it suddenly, even when your doors and windows are closed.

Sweet dreams


Dreams are another form by which spirits try to communicate with you. They use dreams as a way to visit us. When the dream is very vivid, your loved one looks happy, there were no talks, or you felt emotional and had tears in your eyes when you woke up are signs that they have visited you.

Moving objects


You may suddenly notice a piece of jewelry or photo move. For example, suddenly you find an open book, whereas you don’t remember opening it or there was no body in the house the whole day. This is a sign that the spirit was here.

Whenever you feel the presence of a spirit, cherish the moment. Remember, they are here to comfort you.

5 myths about psychic readers – #2 should be very obvious


If you are not familiar with the functions of psychics, you will have some common misconceptions about them. Here are some myths about psychic readers:

#1 Psychics can read your mind

Psychics cannot read your mind. They know how you feel. When you are angry, stressed, depressed, happy or anxious, a signal is sent which psychics can read. Using clairvoyance psychics can also tell why you are feeling such way. Psychics have access to your spirit guides. So, they can tell which job you are in, whether you are in an abusive relationship, etc.

#2 Psychics can predict the futurebeautiful woman looks to the future

You are free to choose your path, so psychics cannot tell your future. With the help of spirit guides psychics can know your current condition and can tell where you are heading. They can tell you what’s going to be ahead, but they can’t make you choose the path; that’s your free will.

#3 Psychics can curse or remove curses

Curses are simply bad wishes. Psychics don’t have the power to exert or remove curse. But many psychics take money from clients by saying that they can do it. You should stay away from these psychics and never give money when they say that they will be able to remove your curse.

#4 Psychics are psychics all the time

Psychics can understand what other people are going through. They can communicate with their spirit guides. But when the client is gone, there is no need to communicate with the spirit guides anymore and the psychics can get back to normal lives.

PSYCHIC-cali#5 Psychics are simply good cold readers

Cold readers are those who can tell facts about another person by reading their body languages, or tricking them to reveal their own information and later taking credit for it. Psychics are not cold readers.

These myths have been around for edges. Now that you know, you shouldn’t have any misconception regarding the ability of a psychic.